Did you know that you can exchange Multibody Parts in Creo model easily?

Starting with Creo 7.0, Multibody definition is maintained during data exchange. This helps preserve design intent during an Import/Export operation. The multibody definition is maintained in both exported and imported Creo Parametric 7.0 geometry. Export operation Multibody models in Creo Parametric preserve multibody definitionBody characteristics, such as body name and body appearances, are transferredConstruction bodies for each exported profile... Continue Reading →

Partner Spotlight tile in Punditas AI Advisor

- Published by Ananth The landing page of Punditas AI Advisor has four tiles such as Events Spotlight, Partner Spotlight, User Spotlight and Product Spotlight The Partner Spotlight tile showcases complementary Products and Services from the PTC Partner ecosystem.   These partners are discovered by Punditas AI Engine from numerous open sources including PTC Partner website... Continue Reading →

Did you know that display of dimensions is improved in Creo 6.0?

Starting with Creo Parametric, there are new configuration options for displaying dimensions. This improves the visibility of objects that are frequently used in the graphics window. To control the appearance of the background for dimensions use the following new configuration options dim_background  —Shows the background under dimensions when new dimensions appear. Values are always,... Continue Reading →

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