Thinking of upgrading to Windchill 11.0? Here are some interesting tidbits….

A number of customers are considering to upgrade to Windchill 11.0 while some have already upgraded to 11.0

Windchill 11.0 has lots of new enhancements. The table below highlights the major modules that have been enhanced.



The chart below shows the modules and the number of enhancements in each module.


Windchill 11.0 has resolved numerous issues. The chart below shows issues trends across the 11.0 MNT releases. The trends shown here are as of the day this blog is published (i.e. 15 Feb 2017).



The chart below shows the consolidated list of issues that have been resolved in the Windchill 11.0 stream.


Note: All the charts included in this post indicate trends as of the day the post was published (15 Feb 2017).  These trends vary in real-in time and hence do not reflect past or future trends. Please check PTC’s site or contact Punditas for latest information.

Software used to generate these charts: Punditas Admin Advisor

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