Meta data is really a love note to the future…

As Jason Scott describes in his blog here – If you don’t really know what metadata is, that’s cool, it’s a kind of weird concept. In simple terms, metadata is information about other data. If you have a pile of Apple II Floppy Disk images, then the fact they’re Apple II floppy disk images is the metadata, as well as what’s on them, when you transferred them, who owned them… anything that’s not the data itself is the metadata.

See, it’s not that hard to add lots of data somewhere – see where I have three million files, But the three million files, left alone, wouldn’t be interesting or more accurately would be very interesting but be flooded by all the other files not in your immediate interest path for whatever you’re looking up.

Metadata, you see, is really a love note – it might be to yourself, but in fact it’s a love note to the person after you, or the machine after you, where you’ve saved someone that amount of time to find something by telling them what this thing is. Lives have been absorbed getting metadata, and so there’s an entire field of computer study about this idea, and making your machines do the hard work for you.

Punditas have taken the metadata concept to the next level with their AI platform. Punditas Advisor leverages human and machine generated metadata to contextualize information for Enterprise Users. Punditas Advisor leverages metadata extensively to deliver Product Knowledge based on Users style & preferences by automatically Discovering, Understanding and Interpreting vast amounts of data for Enterprise Products.

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