Have you inserted dimensions using arc attachment in Creo?

In case you haven”t already used ‘”Arc Attachment”” list in the Dimension tab to measure minimum, maximum, and center distances between two selected references when creating a driven dimension attached to an arc or a circular or elliptical entity, try it…

Note: The Arc Attachment menu is active only when you select the dimension referenced to an arc or a circular or elliptical entity.

The Min and Max options of Arc Attachment enables you to specify the minimum and maximum distances between the tangent lines of the arcs. The Center option specifies the distance between the two centers of the arcs.
  • Min — Sets the dimension line at the minimum distance on the arc
  • Max — Sets the dimension line at the maximum distance on the arc
  • Center — Sets the dimension line at the center of the arc.

In the following example, both the selected references are arcs. To measure the minimum distance between the selected entities, select the Min option for both the references from the Arc Attachment list.







When you choose the Min option for the first reference and the Max option for the second reference, the dimension changes as shown.







When you choose one of the references as an arc and the other reference is a straight line, the Arc Attachment menu is available only for the arc reference






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