Delaunay triangulation, Stochastic lattices and Additive Manufacturing in Creo

PTC introduced Stochastic lattices (random lattices) in Creo Parametric 6.0.  This first implementation of the stochastic lattices used Voronoi diagram algorithm. Voronoi is a common algorithm when you want a lattice to conform to bionic shapes.

However, starting with Creo Parametric, Delaunay triangulation was introduced. The Delaunay triangulation generates a set of triangles to use as polygons in the model.

To learn more about creating Stochastic lattices using the Delaunay triangulation, refer to this tutorial on PTC Learning Connector

A related article from Cat McClintok on Design of Lattice Structures in Additive Manufacturing: A Beginner’s Guide for Design Engineers discusses about the following –

  1. What Is a Lattice Structure?
  2. Types of Lattices
  3. Optimizing Design that uses Lattices
  4. Lattice Structure in Additive Manufacturing

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