Shortfalls of Manufacturing in 2D

SolidWorks in this excellent whitepaper “IMPROVE QUALITY, REDUCE COSTS, AND INCREASE EFFICIENCY WITH MODEL-BASED DEFINITION” discuss the shortfalls of the current processes that are based on 2D Drawing

The disadvantages of using paper 2D engineering drawings for manufacturing range from additional time, resource, and cost requirements to inconsistent quality, elevated levels of scrap/rework, and noncompliance with emerging industry standards issues.

The shortfalls include –

  1. Machining from 2D Drawings requires mental projection to decide what the part should look like in 3D, which is difficult and prone to errors
  2. 2D Drawings do not match the data-rich quality of 3D Models
  3. Dimensions can be difficult to interpret without model clarification in 3D
  4. Managing and Maintaining large quantity of documents through product lifecycle, especially during sustainment is challenging

Continue reading the article here.

SolidWorks Whitepaper

Content Credit: SolidWorks Whitepaper

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