Don’t have time for week long Product Training?

Today’s Enterprise Users are overworked and have a shorter attention span. This makes it unrealistic to assume that Users can go through weeks long training courses. Besides the training lessons may or may not help because the information may be outdated by the time the training is put to use in the real world.

Product Trainingin Punditas User Advisor

Punditas User Advisor allows Enterprise Users to chart their course from an à la carte menu of Product Training information by creating Knowledge Paths. Knowledge Paths in Punditas is a unique concept where Enterprise Users determine “What” they learn, “How” they learn based on the following parameters –

  • Users Skill level
  • Product Version used by the Enterprise User

Knowledge Paths in Punditas User Advisor

Knowledge Paths are either created by the User or can be pushed to the User from the company’s administrator. KP’s available to the User are shown in the pic below. The left pane shows all the available Knowledge Paths for a User along with Paths shared by Admins.

Example Knowledge Path:- Intro to Model Based Definition. This Knowledge Path contains user tagged Videos, Help articles, Reference documents, etc. Each tag in the Knowledge Path has been sequenced by the User in a specific order.

In order to view content of a Knowledge Path, just click on a tag. For example – selecting the first tag launches a YouTube video about Model Based Definition from PTC

Punditas User Advisor delivers just-in-time, byte-sized knowledge that Users have created and personalized learning by “tagging” and “stringing” Product content based on the Users learning style, preferences and skill level.

For more information about Punditas User Advisor, goto

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