Stuck with an Enterprise Product issue?

Product Development companies have complex environments with cross-product dependencies amongst the various Enterprise Products. Owing to this complexity, resolving an issue often requires researching from the issue from different angles using multiple business & social systems

Punditas User Advisor liberates Product data that’s locked away in silos and scattered across many many business and social systems.  When trying to resolve an issue, all the silos are queried and the resulting data is curated and presented in a simple,  structured set of 9 bubble charts.

Insights Engine in Punditas User Advisor

Insights Engine in Punditas User Advisor uses AI technologies to gather, analyze and present solutions for the problem at hand.



Querying for “Family Table” in Punditas User Advisor provides a consolidated, holistic 360  degree view about the input string. Information from over 50 sources is gathered, analyzed, structured and presented through Insights Engine in Punditas. This is a powerful way of accessing all bits of information about your issue .

Nine different types of information  are represented as bubbles in the Bubble chart as shown below. The nine bubbles are

  1. Open bugs/issues
  2. Closed bugs/Issues
  3. Features/Enhancements
  4. Documents & Customer Presentations
  5. Video Tutorials
  6. Help Articles
  7. Discussions
  8. Reference Documents
  9. Articles & Workarounds

Selecting any bubble offers a summary of the content within the bubble. This is a great way of getting a high level understanding of the problem.

To learn more about Punditas User Advisor, visit

Image credits: pixabay

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