Not steakholders but stakeholders for your Model Based journey

No, I’m not talking about Steakholders but Stakeholders for realizing Model Based Definition & Model Based Enterprise. Let me begin by defining MBD and MBE.

Model Based Definition (MBD)  is about creating rich “Technical Data Packages (TDP)” which includes 3D model and associated data elements that fully define the product in a manner that can be communicated and used effectively by all downstream customers without the need for 2D drawings

Model Based Enterprise (MBE) is a fully integrated and collaborative environment that shares the validated and authorized MBD data across the enterprise that enables the realization of products from concept through sustainment.

The following are the 4 key stakeholders for MBD and MBE initiative

  1. MBE Project team
  2. Management Team/Sponsors/Customers
  3. Design Engineering/Upstream Teams
  4. Downstream Teams

MBE Project team

MBE Project team is tasked with Researching about MBD, MBE,  Assessing organizations Readiness, Educating Sponsors, Management team and stakeholders about the business benefits & risks of MBD & MBE, Strategizing  on the organizations short term and long term goals & objectives,  Roadmapping  the MBD & MBE journey with milestones, Implementing and aligning  necessary People, Process, Technology required for the BE journey, Tracking and Measuring the progress towards realization of MBE

Management team/MBE Sponsor

Management team Assess business case for MBD/MBE Initiative, Evaluate Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats for MBD-MBE, Sponsor MBE/MBE initiative, Track & Measure progress of MBE initiative


Design Engineering/Upstream teams

Upstream teams such as Design Engineering teams create MBD data for downstream consumption.

Downstream teams

Downstream teams including Manufacturing, Quality, Inspection, Suppliers, etc. use validated and authorized MBD data for their activities

Punditas MBE Advisor

Punditas MBE Advisor is an AI based configurable platform to help you realize MBD and MBE Initiatives. It is a Connected, interactive real time system based on People-Process-Technology-Business Value-Maturity parameters for success. This end-to-end solution allows your stakeholders to collaborate, contribute and stay engaged through out the MBE journey. Click here for more information about Punditas MBE Advisor

Author: Madhavi Ramesh

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