How do you indicate placement of datum target on a surface in Creo?

With PTC Creo 4.0, the dashed leader line option can be used to indicate the placement of datum target on surface on the far side of the drawing view.

To set the dashed leader line, select the “Far side” option in the Datum Target tab as shown below

About Datum Target ribbon

The Datum Target ribbon in Creo lists all defined properties of selected datum target. 

Near side & Far side options

Near-Side — This option enables you to use solid line for the leader, indicating the applying the datum target symbol to the near (visible) side of the surface where the datum target symbol is attached.

Far-Side — This option enables you to use a dashed line for the leader. It enables you to apply the datum target symbol to the farthest side of the surface to which the datum target symbol is attached.

You can use the Near-Side and Far-Side options only when the selected datum target symbol has the leader style as Elbow Leader or Straight Leader.

If you use the Far-Side option for a datum target symbol Elbow Leader selected as the leader style, the elbow appears as a solid line and the leader appears as a dashed line

As the datum target symbol application is displayed by modifying the leader style, the Near-Side and Far-Side commands are enabled only when the Straight Leader option is chosen

When the No Leader option is selected, the Near-Side and Far-Side commands are not available.

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