How do you create your User Profile in Punditas AI?

Follow the below steps to create your profile in Punditas AI

Step 1: Register/Signup for Punditas AI if you have not already signed up

Step 2: Login to Punditas

Login Page in Punditas AI

Step 3: If you are logging into Punditas AI for the first time, you will see the below page to complete your profile.

User Profile page in Punditas AI

Step 4: Your First, Last Name is automatically populated from the information provided during signup. Note, your First name and Last name is never displayed within Punditas and is not an editable field

Step 5: Screen Name: “Screen name” is the psuedo-name that can be used within the Punditas AI system. If a screen name is provided, then your first and last name are never used within Punditas.

Your screen name shows up in the User Spotlight Tile as well as in the About Me Tab in Punditas AI. Screen name represents you and is similar to a Username. Screen Name is a mandatory field

Step 6: Picture: Upload your Profile Picture using the “Choose File Option” and selecting an image in png/jpg/jpeg format with a max size of 500px by 500 px. Note, if a profile picture is not uploaded, a default pic is displayed

Step 7: “About Yourself” – Capture your skills, interests and experience here within a 400 characters limit

Step 8: Email ID: This field is automatically populated from the email ID used during registration. This is not an editable field.

Step 9: Phone Number: This is an optional field.

Step 10: Location: This a mandatory field

Step 11: Current Company: This is a mandatory field

Step 12: Current Tile: This is an optional field. However, its highly recommended that you capture your current title to enable Punditas AI engine to learn and display content that’s pertinent to you

Step 13: Industry : This is a mandatory field

Step 14: Hall of Fame Points. : This field is used to announce winners in various categories. Punditas AI announces winners in various categories based on the number of points accrued. Hall of Fame points displays the number of points accrued by you as you “Tag” content in Punditas. The more the points accrued, higher the chance of you winning an award!

Step 15: Complete Showcase your Profile section if you would like to showcase your profile on the landing page within Creo. Else, skip to accepting “Terms and Conditions” as shown below
Step 16: Click on Submit button

And that’s it! You are now ready to explore Punditas AI!!!

What is Punditas Advisor?

Punditas AI Advisor for Creo

Punditas AI Advisor provides real-time guidance as you work in the Creo environment. Information on “how to use” a feature in Creo or best practices for working with Creo are presented within context, removing the need to guess or search for such information. Punditas AI driven content helps you leverage Creo to create your designs faster and with confidence. 

Check out the Trial or Demo versions of Punditas AI

Demo version of Punditas AI

Signup for a Free Trial of Punditas AI

For more information about Punditas AI Advisor, visit our website at Punditas AI or contact us at

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