Punditas Artificial Intelligence Software Transforms Creo Upgrade Training

It is critical to provide task-oriented learning to Creo users in order to ensure a smooth upgrade of PTC Creo software with minimal loss of productivity. Punditas AI helps organizations realize costs savings and increase efficiencies by ensuring a smooth transition from one PTC Creo version to next. Punditas AI is a self-service platform that provides users with on-demand Creo training content and Just-In-Time knowledge. This content is discovered and curated from both external sources and internal sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, PTC Partner portals, Online Communities, PTC Support portal, Blogs, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, etc. All of your users’ training and development needs are met by Punditas AI, the single source of Creo knowledge.

The four key drivers for Punditas AI –

Global workforce, Cultural differences
Learning styles vary across the globe. What works well in one country may not work well in another. With more and more businesses operating globally, It is becoming increasingly necessary to provide tailored knowledge and training. Punditas AI enables your global workforce to discover PTC Creo knowledge on demand based on each users personal preferences and Creo modules of interest like Simulation, MBD, etc.

Generational gaps, Changing expectations
Today’s workplace is bookended by generations with vastly different experiences. Each generation may approach learning and mastering PTC Creo in a slightly different way. The current training system does not consider an individual’s skill level, preferred instructors, or preferred learning modes (video, text, mixed mode content) when training. Punditas AI recognizes this gap and offers users the ability to consume training content based on their skill level, preferred presentation style, and learning modes.

Out-dated training content, Inconsistent user experiences
The amount of digital content available for PTC Creo software on a daily basis is daunting, and it soon gets outdated. Finding and using this continuously changing content in a timely manner is impossible to do manually. Furthermore, the training requirements of users differ depending on their roles and responsibilities. When upgrading to the next version of PTC Creo, maintaining and delivering the most up-to-date training content is crucial to acceptance and efficiency gains. Punditas AI not only standardizes training content and learning experience but it also maintains the integrity of content to deliver same learning outcomes across the userbase.

Training delivered, No real time feedback
Despite using time-tested methods such as support tickets, surveys, emails, and meetings for identifying PTC Creo user pain points and needs, many questions still remain unanswered. Organizations can now use Punditas AI technology to monitor the knowledge needs of their userbase in real time, as well as gain insights into Creo users behaviors and patterns. These insights will help organizations build Creo courses that are tailored to the needs of their users and deliver compelling training.

How Punditas AI helps with Creo Upgrade Training

Punditas AI Advisor is fully integrated with Creo Parametric software and can be used directly from the Creo environment. Punditas AI recognizes the context of Creo users and delivers relevant information. This is accomplished through Tagging, Knowledge Paths and Knowledge Analytics modules in Punditas AI Advisor which divides Creo learning content into smaller, searchable chunks. Furthermore, features such as the AI Dashboard, Tips & Tricks, Insights Engine modules enable users to recall information more frequently depending on their unique interests, preferences, and skills, resulting in increased content retention and recall. According to Marty Glass from Amphenol-FCI “We have invested in Punditas to enable our upgrade from Creo 4.0 to 7.0. With the Punditas AI platform we now can deliver personalized knowledge packages that are customized to meet our users’ needs without having to spend the time and money developing them ourselves. Punditas AI automatically discovers the right training content from a variety sources and offers insights into the users training needs and training patterns to deliver engineering efficiencies”

Benefits of Punditas AI for organizations

  1. Realize significant time and cost savings by not having to build Training content from the scratch
  2. Gain engineering efficiencies by offering a single source of Creo knowledge
  3. Save time and effort by developing and delivering targeted training depending on project requirements and user skill levels
  4. Gain insights into users pain points, training needs, users behavior and patterns
  5. Boost user productivity and increase engineering efficiency through effective use of PTC Creo software

Benefits of Punditas AI for Creo Users

  1. Easy access to Punditas AI from the landing page within Creo Parametric
  2. Tailored training content from 100’s of sources to suit every Creo users personal style and preferences
  3. Consistent training experience regardless of the source or format
  4. Flexibility for Creo users to share and collaborate on Creo Tips, Tricks, Best Practices with their colleagues
  5. Personalizing training content delivers same learning outcomes across PTC Creo userbase

If you’d like to see a demo and discuss our solution further, please email contact@punditas.com

About Punditas

Punditas has been helping companies increase employee productivity through contextual use of AI technologies that enables enterprise users to search, share and collaborate on PTC Creo knowledge. https://www.punditas.com

Read the press release here

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