Solid Weld geometry export enhanced

You can now export solid welds and define them as individual bodies, instead of merging them into a single body. This enhancement improves the export of Step AP242, JT, and Neutral files by enabling you to manage solid welds as individual bodies for the downstream use. User Interface: File > Options > Data Exchange: Export... Continue Reading →

New construction mode in Creo 8.0

The new construction mode in Creo 8.0 allows you to sketch reference geometry with phantom lines, before you create the final geometry. This mode supports construction lines, arcs, rectangles, etc. This enhancement increases the variety of construction mode geometries. In addition, there is a new shortcut menu option that allows you to toggle the already... Continue Reading →

How to easily add Standard text symbols in PTC Creo?

With Creo 8.0, text symbol pallet is easily accessible for datum feature symbol (DFS) annotations. This allows you to add standard text symbols to a datum feature symbol annotations UI: Annotate -> Datum Feature Symbol ->place DFS -> Select DFS-> activate text field ->Symbols

Single Source of Product Information with Punditas AI

Punditas AI is your gateway to all information about CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Softwares. The  Knowledge Graph within presents five dimensions of content for the Enterprise Software at hand. This content is unlocked by the Punditas AI engine by tapping into 100's of  internal & external repositories to Discover, Curate & Deliver pertinent Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Best Practices,... Continue Reading →

Data vs Information vs Knowledge

The difference between Data vs Information vs Knowledge has been articulated by very many people in the past. I came across an interesting presentation from Ryan Norman in this presentation and wanted to share his perspective. DATA Data represents a fact or statement without relation to other things – Example: It is raining INFORMATION Information... Continue Reading →

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