Single Source of Product Information with Punditas AI

Punditas AI is your gateway to all information about CAD-PLM-IoT-ERP-Enterprise Softwares. The  Knowledge Graph within presents five dimensions of content for the Enterprise Software at hand. This content is unlocked by the Punditas AI engine by tapping into 100’s of  internal & external repositories to Discover, Curate & Deliver pertinent Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Best Practices, etc. up to 12 dimensions of content for Enterprise Software Users

1. Product Content (Feature/Functions, Video Tutorials,Help Articles )

2. Support Content (Closed Bugs, Open Bugs, Reference Documents, Workarounds)

3. End User Feedback (Opinions, Discussions, Best Practices)

4. Marketing Content (Product blogs, Case Studies)

5. Partner Content (Partner Products, Partner Services)

The picture below demonstrates the Knowledge Graph for just the PRODUCT NODE. This Knowledge Graph is the single source of Truth for all information about Enterprise Software (e.g. Creo Parametric shown)

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