Creo Parametric Tip #4: Arrowheads for Dimensions

Did you know that all arrow leader dimensions are created as closed and filled arrowheads with Creo Parametric release? Also, Radial dimensions that are attached to surfaces, are  automatically a filled dot arrowhead style.

This applies to dimension arrowheads in Detailed Drawings and Model-Based Definition

Arrowheads for Dimensions Are Modernized1

Arrowheads for Dimensions Are Modernized2

Punditas, a PTC partner offers AI driven content for PTC Creo Parametric that delivers upto 15 types of content including access to Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Case Studies, Issues, Opinions, etc. within the context of Creo. The pic below shows the results of searching on “Arrowheads for Dimensions” in Punditas AI.

Knowledge Graph below highlights the results found for Creo Parametric at the time this blog was written – these results change continuously as new bugs are added, new releases are added and Punditas AI will automatically grab the latest information for you

  • 1 Closed bug
  • 3 Workarounds
  • 3 Help Articles
  • 3 Enhancements
  • 0 Open bugs
  • 0 Reference Documents
  • 0 Video Tutorials

That’s a LOT of information in one place for a Creo User


To learn more about Punditas AI Advisor, visit Punditas website here.

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