Solid Weld geometry export enhanced

You can now export solid welds and define them as individual bodies, instead of merging them into a single body. This enhancement improves the export of Step AP242, JT, and Neutral files by enabling you to manage solid welds as individual bodies for the downstream use. User Interface: File > Options > Data Exchange: Export... Continue Reading →

What is Punditas AI?

Punditas is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Knowledge Platform for CAD, PLM, IoT, ERP and other Enterprise Applications. Punditas AI delivers product knowledge and insights by discovering and curating content from 100's of sources across the product ecosystem The picture above shows the home page of Punditas AI for Creo Parametric. Home page in Punditas... Continue Reading →

Punditas AI based Enterprise Knowledge Maps

Punditas Knowledge Maps serve as your guide to "Where", "What", "How" of Enterprise Knowledge & Training. Simply put, Punditas knowledge map captures "what" knowledge resides "where" in your company and the patterns of "how" knowledge flows in terms of access, distribution within your organization. When to use Punditas Knowledge Maps Gain insights into your Users experiences,... Continue Reading →

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