Punditas AI based Enterprise Knowledge Maps

Punditas Knowledge Maps serve as your guide to “Where”, “What”, “How” of Enterprise Knowledge & Training. Simply put, Punditas knowledge map captures “what”
knowledge resides “where” in your company and the patterns of
“how” knowledge flows in terms of access, distribution within your organization.

When to use Punditas Knowledge Maps

Punditas Knowledge Roadmap for your company
  1. Gain insights into your Users experiences, needs, expectations and gaps about Knowledge dissemination & Training within your organization. This is basically capturing “Voice of your Users” (VoU)
  2. To develop or improve existing processes for knowledge sharing within your organization
  3. Promote cross pollination of Knowledge amongst your business units
  4. Deploy User powered Adaptive Learning for your organization

Punditas Knowledge Map

Punditas Knowledge Maps for the Enterprise
Punditas Knowledge Maps for the Enterprise

Punditas knowledge map captures “what”  knowledge exists “where” in your organizational units, people, media and in “which” sources within and outside your organization. Punditas Knowledge Maps is developed by Punditas.

Punditas Knowledge Flow Chart

Punditas Knowledge Flow chartPunditas Knowledge Flow chart establishes connections between People-Knowledge sources and the relative impacts  of Knowledge on your organization

Punditas Knowledge Flow chart helps with

1. Analyzing Knowledge flow within your organization

2. Evaluate the relative impact of knowledge based on the sources and content within each source
3. Shows people “where” to go when they need help on a daily basis

Punditas Knowledge Map Uses

Capture “As-Is” State

Shows the current state of where people in your organization go (sources, media, content, etc.) when they need help

Highlight gaps with Current state of Knowledge Flow

Highlights what knowledge is essential or at risk to be lost and thus needs to be “secured” within your company

Improve Knowledge Flow
Helps in organizing day-to-day activities and analyzing the related flow and impact of knowledge on your Users

Impact company’s bottom-line
Helps organizations develop new models for improving knowledge sharing,knowledge flow and fulfillment of their mission and goals

For more information about creating Knowledge Maps, contact Punditas


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