What is Punditas AI?

Punditas is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Knowledge Platform for CAD, PLM, IoT, ERP and other Enterprise Applications. Punditas AI delivers product knowledge and insights by discovering and curating content from 100’s of sources across the product ecosystem

The picture above shows the home page of Punditas AI for Creo Parametric. Home page in Punditas has 6 tiles –

  1. Try AI Engine: Find insights & knowledge for a specific topic of interest for Creo Parametric
  2. Description of Punditas AI: Provides short description and example set content sources tapped into for Creo content
  3. Weekly Question: Provide insights into Users preferences and areas of interest
  4. Partner Spotlight: Spotlights PTC Partners that offer complementary products and services
  5. User Spotlight: Features Users, Speakers, Enthusiasts for PTC Creo and other products
  6. Product Spotlight: Spotlights a specific feature of Creo to help Users continuously learn about new features in Creo

How does Punditas AI help you?

Punditas AI engine provides real time guidance on using Creo. Punditas AI delivers Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Best Practices, Workarounds, Open bugs, Closed bugs and over 16 content streams that offer guidance on “how-to”, “what-to”, “when-to”, etc. within the Creo environment. This helps Users focus on creating designs in Creo faster and with more confidence

Where does Punditas AI get Creo related product knowledge?

Punditas AI engine includes a number of Machine Learning algorithms that Discover, Curate and Deliver relevant Creo content based on each Creo Users personal preference. This means that Creo content is personalized for each User

Which Enterprise Application Softwares are supported by Punditas?

Punditas AI Platform supports most Enterprise Application Softwares. The following apps are supported Out Of the Box. If you don’t see your favorite Enterprise Application on the list, write to us – contact@punditas.com

Does Punditas support all PTC products?

Yes, most of the popular PTC products are supported. However, the demo version works with only Creo Parametric and does not support any of other Creo products Creo Layout, Creo Simulate, Creo View, Creo Illustrate, Creo Direct, etc. For a complete list of supported products, visit punditas website

How often is Punditas AI content updated?

Given that Punditas AI supports tons of applications, some content is updated on a instantly (Twitter feeds) to daily basis (blogs) while others are updated on weekly basis (tutorials) to monthly basis or when a new version is released(enhancements).

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