Enterprise Software issues are typically interconnected. Punditas AI platform makes the connections for you

In an Enterprise, issues are typically related to each other as Enterprise Applications are inter-dependent. For example, what might start off as a Creo issue might end up with Windchill/TeamCenter/SolidWorks/SAP/etc. issue.

If your environment is anything like the below

Punditas AI Platform can help your Enterprise Users resolve issues faster because they can easily visualize cross product interactions along with 9 dimensions of information for each of the products involved. This means they have instant access to ALL information that’s required to solve their problem.

In the below example, searching for a topic like  “restructure” displays a bubble chart that provides 9 dimensions of information for both Creo Parametric and Windchill. The user can review Bugs, Workarounds, Best Practices, Tutorials, Help Articles, etc. This puts users in control of the information they need to solve problems quickly and be more productive.

For more information about Punditas Advisor goto http://www.punditas.com

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