4 reasons why your current approach to Model Based Enterprise(MBE) will not work

Having worked with numerous customers, I see 4 things that are show-stoppers as companies try to implement MBD (Model Based Definition) and MBE (Model Based Enterprise). Current approaches are –

1. Siloed

2. Disconnected

3. Non-collaborative

4. Non-inclusive


Today, “to each to his/her own set of information” Information about current/target Maturity levels, People,Training needs, Business processes that need to be refactored, Technology gaps, Business value of MBD/MBE is all tucked away in some file somewhere. This information must not only be easily accessible but must be “interpretable” in the same way by every stakeholder for us to successful with this cultural transformation.


Information about People, Process, Technology, Maturity, SWOT are not tightly coupled and hence its extremely difficult to current status of MBD/MBE initiative


Cultural transformation such as MBE requires stakeholders to be engaged through out the process.


In most companies, MBD/MBE strategy involves folks from select groups and is by invitation only. Not gathering inputs from key stakeholders in a structured manner might result in missing critical information necessary for strategizing and implementing your MBE initiative

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