SWOT Analysis for your Model Based Journey

SWOT analysis typically includes internal aspects of your company as well as factors external to your company. However, we at Punditas have adapted SWOT analysis to include mostly internal aspects of your company for MBE initiative.

This adapted version of SWOT Analysis in Punditas MBE Advisor is a strategic planning tool that’s used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your Model Based Enterprise initiative.

Current State of SWOT analysis for MBE

1.      Isolated, stand alone analysis not integrated with your mainstreamMBE project

2.      To each person, his or her own version of SWOT

3.      No centralized, unified view of SWOT for the company

4.      Maintained in Excel, Word, PPT or other tools that are static and out of date as soon as they are completed

5.      No collaboration possible on these isolated static documents

6.      No real time feedback, no ROI calculators, no direct feedback from the team possible

7.      No real time dashboard views possible on static, disconnected data

Future State with Punditas MBE Advisor

  1. Integrated Tool: Integrated strategic planning tool. Serves as a barometer for current state of business – baseline projected SWOT parameters
  2. Quantify benefits: Gain richer understanding of what MBE initiative can offer to your company along with the key weaknesses that need to be worked upon in order to succeed
  3. Identify obstacles: Performing SWOT analysis forces MBE teams to examine their circumstances and find out which obstacles must be overcome or minimized.
  4. Precise framework: The SWOT analysis provides a good framework for reviewing current strategies and directions, or even to test an idea while exploring options. It is particularly helpful to do a SWOT Analysis before the start of your MBE project
  5. Repeating the analysis: As you go on with your work, new learning and factors are bound to come up. With Punditas MBE Advisor you can re-visit the SWOT Analysis to align your work and its course once every quarter or twice a year or as you see fit
  6. Dashboard Analytics: Simple & Easy to use platform for your design partners and suppliers Bar charts summarize your projected versus realized SWOT values
  7. Collaborative platform: SWOT analysis is valuable when you have the input from the participating groups/teams across your extended enterprise

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