AI automates repetitive learning and discovery of Enterprise Application data

Artificial intelligence is changing how Users adopt and use Enterprise Application Software by making it easier to find content from a multitude of sources. With the help of AI and Machine Learning, Content discovery is undergoing a generational upgrade, where recommendations are more intelligent, tailored to User based on each individuals style and preference, Search functions are more granular and intent based and user retention  grows as a result. It is the metadata that’s at the core of this discovery and dissemination process.

In the present world of instant gratification, the potential of AI and metadata is limitless. Leveraging metadata correctly introduces consistency in how content is presented and described, as well as providing more accurate, AI-powered recommended content to users. This can make a huge positive impact on the confidence and engagement of Enterprise Users.

Punditas, a Boston based AI company has revolutionized the way Enterprise Users Learn and Solve day to day issues with Enterprise Application Software by providing instant access to meaningful and relevant information that’s tailored to each individual’s area of interest, style and preference.

For more information, goto

Punditas Advisor for Enterprise Application Software
Punditas Advisor for Enterprise Application Software

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