Creo Patterning

Mark Ganzer@Toro has done an excellent job covering Patterning in Creo – Basics, Performance & Tips in one his presentations. Here are some excerpts from his slide deck. Check out the Tips (below) in particular



























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Credits: Mark Ganzer@Toro

Source: an array of duplicate features or components

Can pattern features in a part

Can pattern components in an assembly

Can piggy-back a new feature onto an existing pattern of related features

‒New feature follows changes

Can piggy-back components
placed onto an existing part
pattern while in an assembly

‒Component follows feature
pattern changes


‒Pattern using feature dimensions


‒Pattern using a geometrical reference


‒Pattern radially around an unrelated axis


‒Pattern within a sketched boundary


‒Pattern using X & Y values for each instance


‒Piggy-back a new feature onto an existing pattern

‒Choose first instance in existing pattern


‒Pattern following along a curve or edge


‒Pattern using an existing sketched set of points

Patterns selected geometry instead of features

‒Must be exact duplicates


‒Faster than creating parent pattern and doing multiple reference patterns

‒Much faster to regeneration

‒Geometry patterns

Will work for collected geometry even when reference patterning will not work



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