Did you know that display of dimensions is improved in Creo 6.0?

Starting with Creo Parametric, there are new configuration options for displaying dimensions. This improves the visibility of objects that are frequently used in the graphics window.

To control the appearance of the background for dimensions use the following new configuration options

  1. dim_background  —Shows the background under dimensions when new dimensions appear. Values are always, hide, and legacy. The default is always
  2. dim_background_color —Sets the background color. Values are contrast, global, and manual. The default is contrast. If you set to manual, also set the configuration option dim_bg_color_rgb
  3. dim_background_trans —Sets the opacity for the dimension background. Set this to 100 for full opacity.
By default, a semi-transparent dimension background appears. This makes it easier to see and decipher dimension information in the graphics window for low contrast situations. To set the default values for dimension display, background color, and transparency, click File > Options > Entity Display.
To change the background for dimensions on the fly, click View and then in the Show group, click Dimension Background. By default, arrowheads for dimensions are filled.

Also, more pronounced highlighting for edge/curve selection

and pre-selection is now available.  It is easier to see the highlighting of preselected or selected, edges or curves as shown in the pic below.



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