How to project a Datum Point onto a planar surface in Creo Parametric?

In Creo Parametric 6.0, the Datum point feature is enhanced. A constraint option is added to the datum point feature to project a datum point, a vertex or a curve endpoint onto a planar surface, datum plane, straight edge line or axis.

Also, note that datum points created with project constraints can also be used in reference patterns.

For more information about projecting Datum Points, review this YouTube video here

About Datum Point Feature

You can use datum points as a construction element when modeling geometry or as a known point for conducting computations and model analyses. You can add points to your model at any time, even while in the process of creating another feature.
To add datum points to your model, use the Datum Point feature. A Datum Point feature can contain multiple datum points that are created during the same operation.
Creo Parametric supports 3 types of datum point that vary depending on their method of creation and use. Note that the first two types are used in regular modeling.
  1. General point—A datum point created on an entity or at the intersection of entities, or offset from an entity.
  2. Offset from a coordinate system—A datum point created by offsetting from a selected coordinate system.
  3. Field point—A point used in Behavioral Modeling for analysis purposes. A field point identifies a geometric domain.

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