What is Chart Tool in Creo Parametric and how does it work?

A new modernized Chart tool replaces Graph tool starting with Creo Parametric 6.0 release. Chart tool has more options and provides more control over the chart settings.

Chart-Tool can be used to view and customize different types of graphs. Once the graph is displayed, the graph can be changed for border colors, fonts, background colors, etc.










To learn more about how this works, refer to this video on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “What is Chart Tool in Creo Parametric and how does it work?

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  1. Why would anyone care about fonts and background color??? What I want is the ability to specify the graph, or sections of the graph, as a certain type of equation of function, specifically for, say, a cam profile. I’m stuck on Creo 4 for now, but, is this possible in Creo 6?


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