Did you know that you can create a midplane between selected references in Creo?

Datum Plane tool in Creo provides an option to create a mid-plane between selected references. The enhancement has made it easier to understand how  constraints can be changed. Also its faster to define datum planes especially in conjunction with operations such as Mirror.

Depending on the geometric situation, the midplane can be created parallel to the references or in direction of one of the bisectors. You can select Bisector 1 or Bisector 2. These reference pairs can include the following objects –

  1. Planar surfaces or Datum planes
  2. A datum, cylinder or cone axis and linear curve edge
  3. Datum points, coordinate systems or vertices

Click on Model –> Plane to open the Datum Plane dialog box.

Select bisector1 or bisector2

For more information, review the video here

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