Partner Spotlight tile in Punditas AI Advisor

– Published by Ananth

The landing page of Punditas AI Advisor has four tiles such as Events Spotlight, Partner Spotlight, User Spotlight and Product Spotlight

The Partner Spotlight tile showcases complementary Products and Services from the PTC Partner ecosystem.   These partners are discovered by Punditas AI Engine from numerous open sources including PTC Partner website (

PTC Partners are typically Technology providers, Solution Providers and Global Systems Integrators that help companies accelerate in their Design, Development and Implementation of PTC CAD, PLM. IoT, AR, VR technologies.

Partner Spotlight tile in Punditas AI Advisor helps Users discover what PTC Partners can do for Their company. Punditas AI platform serves as a single window to the PTC partner ecosystem without the need  to hunt for complementary products or the service providers that can help with the digital journey

The partner can be directly contacted using Contact Partner tab within Punditas AI Advisor as shown below.

Use the Contact Partner button to get in touch with the Partner as shown below

Punditas AI curates and displays a new PTC Partner each time the web page is reloaded or refreshed. These partners are sourced from PTC Partner network site at

Contact Punditas to showcase your Products & Services to the worldwide Creo Users through Partner Spotlight tile within Punditas AI Advisor.

About Punditas

Punditas delivers Artificial Intelligence(AI) driven content for PTC Creo Parametric and other Enterprise Application Softwares. Punditas AI engine taps into 100’s of internal & external repositories for Creo Parametric to Discover, Curate & Deliver pertinent Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Best Practices, etc. up to 5 perspectives of content based on each Creo Users style and preference. To learn more about Punditas, visit

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