Did you know that you can exchange Multibody Parts in Creo model easily?

Starting with Creo 7.0, Multibody definition is maintained during data exchange. This helps preserve design intent during an Import/Export operation. The multibody definition is maintained in both exported and imported Creo Parametric 7.0 geometry.

Export operation

  • Multibody models in Creo Parametric preserve multibody definition
  • Body characteristics, such as body name and body appearances, are transferred
  • Construction bodies for each exported profile can be included or excluded
  • When including construction bodies, you can choose to export as quilts or as solid bodies.

Import Operation

  • When importing a part to an existing Creo Parametric mode, you can add body structure from the source file, or target all imported geometry into a single body
  •  Import is controlled through the import profile for each standard format.

Note: Update is not supported for multibody parts in Creo Parametric 7.0

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