Have you tried any of these 3 MBD enhancements in Creo?

The following are 6 MBD related enhancements in Creo 7.0 –

  1. Control gap between a GTOL frame and Indicator frame

If you have a drawing that is designed against the 2012 version of ISO 1101, and you need to make it compliant with the 2017 version , you can use this detail option to help you modify your design per the latest ISO standards.

Control the Gap Between a GTOL Frame and the Indicator Frame2
Control the Gap Between a GTOL Frame and the Indicator Frame2

2. Alignment of spacing for Composite GTOLS with additional Text is Improved

This feature is useful when you need to include additional text on the right side of a composite GTOL and want to ensure that it is evenly aligned with the different rows of the composite GTOL.

Spacing Alignment for Composite GTOLS with Additional Text Is Improved1

3. Set your standard for Syntax Checking

You can select one of the following tolerancing standards, against which you want to check the syntax in your model or drawing:

• ISO 1101:2012

• ISO 1101:2017

• ASME Y14.5-2009

• ASME Y14.5-2018

Set Your Standard for Syntax Checking1

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