You’re sharing useful information, but do you know if anyone is actually looking at it? Punditas AI provides statistics

In general, it is very difficult to determine who is viewing the data that you diligently produced and shared for good, but Punditas AI offers comprehensive statistics about your significant shared data

Following are the Steps to explore Statistics in Punditas AI

Step 1 :- Click on Knowledge Analytics

Step 2:- Click on Knowledge Usage

Step 3 :- KP’s by number of Views tab Shows the number of times a Knowledge Path (Shared information) is viewed, Graphical representation of Shared “Knowledge Paths” vs “Number of Views” displays as described below in the Image

Step 4 :- KP’s by Tag type tab Shows the most popular aspects of a Knowledge Path, A Knowledge Path may contain videos, textual documents, etc. How many times tag is being clicked or viewed can be seen here in this tab.

The below image displays List view of KP’s by Tag type for the shared Knowledge Path :- What’s New in Part Modeling from Creo 4.0 to Creo 7.0 where Draft Feature is Enhanced video tutorial tag viewed 7 times

Chart View also available in the same tab, below Image shows graphical representation of Knowledge tags vs Number of Views

Step 5 :- KP’s by Users tab Shows which Knowledge Path were viewed by the Users, It Provides details about the status of completion of each KP by Users

The below Image displays Status of shared Knowledge Path :- What’s New in Part Modeling from Creo 4.0 to Creo 7.0 where Abdul Started reviewing shared information but still many tags are Pending to view, Abiezer completed whole Knowledge Path by viewing each and every tag that’s why status is Completed and Andrew not even started checking out and hence status is Not started

What is Punditas AI Advisor?

Punditas AI Advisor provides real-time guidance as you work in the Creo environment. Information on “how to use” a feature in Creo or best practices for working with Creo are presented within context, removing the need to guess or search for such information. Punditas AI driven content helps you leverage Creo to create your designs faster and with confidence.

For more information about Punditas AI Advisor, visit our website at Punditas AI or contact us at

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