Display your Profile in Punditas AI and get the attention of PTC Creo users worldwide

Punditas AI Advisor is supported in the embedded browser in Creo as well as all other browsers, Showcase your Profile in Punditas AI and get attention of all the PTC Creo Users around the world

Following are the steps to Showcase your Profile

Step 1 :- Sign Up for Punditas AI Advisor

No Activation or Partner Code required for Free trial while signing up for Punditas AI Advisor

Step 2:- Open Your inbox and check Punditas confirmation mail

Click on Activate Account button

Following message will be visible on the screen once Account is activated

Click on Login button to Explore Punditas AI for Free! Provide Registered email address and password, hit the login button

Step 3 :- Provide basic information about yourself where you can add Picture, Professional background, Current Company, Current title etc. and click on Next button as displayed below in the Image

Step 4 : – Click on Showcase my Profile

Step 5 :- Provide all the required information such as Your Role, Areas of your Interest, Your experience, Your LinkedIn profile etc. Information given by you will be visible to all the PTC Creo users Worldwide once you Submit the Profile

Following Image represents preview of your Profile on Punditas Landing Page

Following Image represents preview of your Profile on About Punditas AI Page

What is Punditas AI Advisor?

Punditas AI Advisor provides real-time guidance as you work in the Creo environment. Information on “how to use” a feature in Creo or best practices for working with Creo are presented within context, removing the need to guess or search for such information. Punditas AI driven content helps you leverage Creo to create your designs faster and with confidence.

For more information about Punditas AI Advisor, visit our website at Punditas AI or contact us at contact@punditas.com

Demo version

Signup for a Free Trial

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