Real time connectivity is crucial as you embark on your epic MBE journey

Model Based Enterprise (MBE) and MBD are fundamentally changing how we do business. As we embark on this epic journey,  there’s a need to collaborate and be connected to the stakeholders on these 4 things

  1. Developing company’s MBE Strategy & Roadmap
  2. Getting feedback from select downstream individuals during the strategy phase (Ex: from key Design/Inspection/ Manufacturing resources)
  3. Educating the entire organization about “What”, “How”, “When” of MBD and MBE
  4. Implementing MBE in a phased manner based on the MBE Target Maturity Level

Punditas MBE Advisor

Punditas offer an end-to-end solution that automatically discovers pertinent information and guides you along this journey.

Punditas MBE Advisor is a dedicated solution to Strategize–Roadmap-Track-Measure progress of your MBD and MBE initiatives.

This connected platform engages stakeholders across the enterprise and serves as a centralized repository powered by Knowledge & Expertise from internal experts as well the best minds around the world. Click here for more information about Punditas MBE Advisor

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