How to assemble components to a Dimension Pattern in Creo?

Using dimension-driven patterns help specify multiple occurrences of a component in an assembly. The dimension-driven pattern uses assembly constraint dimensions such as Distance or Angle Offset offset values. The rules for creating a dimension-driven pattern are the same as those for feature patterning in Part mode.

Example below – A component assembled with a distance constraint is patterned using the distance as the driving dimensions. (note this part is assembled once and patterned)

Component assembled with distance constraints









Number of pattern members is set to four









Pattern members assembled









To assemble components to a Dimension Pattern

Step 1: click  Assemble or drag a component from the browser into the active assembly session

Step 2: Place the component with at least one offset type constraint. To create the pattern, you must specify the offset values that you want to use as references

Step 3. Select the component in the Model Tree and do either of the two below to open Pattern tab

  • Click  Pattern
  • Right-click in the graphics window and choose Pattern from the shortcut menu.
Step  4. In the first box select Dimension

 Step 5. Click the Dimensions tab, select a dimension in the assembly, and enter an incremental value, or drag the handle to the required location


Step 6. Click the Direction 2 box or right-click the graphics window and select Direction 2 Dimensions from the shortcut menu to enter a second dimension, or drag the handle to the required location


Step 7. Select the second dimension in the assembly and enter an incremental value


Step 8. Enter the number of members in each dimension in the respective boxes


Step 9.Click 

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