Did you know that defining radial dimensions in Creo is more intuitive now?

PTC has improved the workflow for creating radial dimensions. The Typical creation of  radial dimension provides upto 4 flip states that represents different witness line and arrow configurations.

Starting with Creo 5.0, the definition of flip states is improved to provide better default states, depending on the position of the pointer. This provides visual feedback and hence reduces the need to perform subsequent flip operations to get to the desired state.

When creating the radial dimension, move the pointer to different locations to see an update of the default arrow state. Middle-click to place the dimension

You can flip to different arrow states by –

  1. Goto Dimension Tab —-> Flip
  2. Click the dimension. Keeping the pointer on the dimension, press and hold the left mouse button and then right-click to toggle through the states.
  3. Mini toolbar —->Flip Arrows

To learn more, check out this video

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Content source: PTC


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